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There is a time and place for everything. As for Evil Apples: You Against Humanity, it is definitely when you are hanging with your best friends looking for some hilarious grown-up gaming fun. This is definitely one PC game that you need to keep out of reach of children because things can quickly and easily get out of hand. However, that is exactly what makes it so much fun.

The Evil Apples game is a word game with the randomness of cards. Probably better than the Charades! game, the idea is to make up the most interesting combinations and let other players vote for your witty answers. Plus, there are a lot of combinations to play. Didn’t we say this game is hilarious? Surely, it can easily result in a lot of laughs and probably a lot of trips to the bathroom. But isn’t that what parties are all about? 



The free PC game is best played with friends or family, that way you can really enjoy each other’s company. But not to fret, in Evil Apples game you will also be able to play with other players in an online game feature. That way you can still enjoy the game of words even if none of the people you know are available. Of course, the experience may not be the same. 

Thousands of Evil Apples: You Against Humanity 

It is a word game in essence, but there is a randomness to the game that is based on the shuffle of a card deck. The randomness is really the essential gameplay mechanic of the game and what makes for some very interesting and humorous combinations. Even better is that you never know what to expect because the game has thousands of cards that result in hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. And each combination is a potential joke bomb that will have everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. 

This game is basically all about getting the best match so that the judge will pick your answer above all the rest. In each round, a single phrase is shown to all players and each one has to submit a word or phrase from their selection of cards to complete the sentence. As you can imagine, this can result in some very interesting pairings and end making everything from ridiculously funny to excruciatingly cringe answers. 

Party With Friends or Strangers 

One of the best things about Evil Apples PC is that no matter who you play with, you will still have lots of fun. It is probably because the game is just so simple to get into. There are no complicated rule sets or steep learning curves for otherworldly gameplay mechanics. Also, the game is easy and to the point. It is all in a matter of forming the best sentences and getting the judge to vote on your favor. 

Moreover, the game can be played with friends or complete strangers in an online mode. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a blast. Fortunately, there are hundreds of other players that you connect with from all over the world. Most of which will probably have the same deranged and twisted humor as you. Surely, you will feel right at home with anyone you get paired with through the in-game online features. 

Constantly Expanding 

Another great feature of Evil Apples Desktop is the fact that you can expand the already hundreds of card options. With even more options from the many different expansion packs, you will be able to earn in the game. Best of all, it is totally unnecessary to spend a single dime because you can earn enough in-game currency to get the expansion packs. Just simply by playing and winning in-games. 

Furthermore, as you get to play more and more, you get to enjoy the game for all it is worth. That is because you will find that there is always something new and exciting in every round. The combinations of answers are near endless so there is no way of telling what to expect next. All that is sure to come is some pee-inducing laughter that you and your friends can all enjoy together. 

So if that is not enough, then you are probably from an entirely different planet. Why? Because all of that is already an exciting recipe for an awesome party with friends and family. Get to download the Evil Apples game now on your PC or Mac and let the good times roll, both literally and figuratively.

Game Features

  • 3,500+ White Cards and 800+ Red Cards! Never gets boring!
  • Play with folks nearby using GPS.
  • Join Friends ANYWHERE using SMS, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Join Random Blitz Mode games to go fast with strangers.
  • Stay cool with in-game chat to blow your mind!
  • Discard cards you don't like.
  • Write Wildcards with fully-custom text.

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Check out these game screenshots.

Evil Apples: You Against Humanity Screenshot
Evil Apples: You Against Humanity Screenshot

Play and Download Evil Apples Now Available on PC & Mac FREE!